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Spring 2023 Chicks will be available on May 4th. This purchase is a deposit to reserve your chicks. Total price is $2.35.


Day old broiler chicks are available in the spring of 2023. Road's End Farm is not a hatchery. We buy chicks from a hatchery in bulk quantity to raise on the farm and sell any excess quantity. Chicks are double breasted White Cornish Crosses. They take apx. 8 weeks to raise to market weight (6-10lb, depending on feed ration). Deposit is required to reserve your quantity of chicks. Chicks will be available on May 4th and must be received by the customer that day. Please contact the farm to make arrangements.


Deposit is $1 per chick. The deposit will be subtracted from the total price. The remainder is due on May 4th, when chicks are received. Please note that due to online payment processing fees, there is a minimum order quantity of 20. If you would like fewer, please mail us a check or select the lower quantity payment option, The payment processing fee is not deducted from the final price. You can opt to mail a check to PO Box 59, Livermore Falls, ME 04254. Please make checks payable to Road's End Farm.

Broiler Chicks - White Cornish Cross

  • Day old broiler chicks.

    Cornish Cross

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