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Order YOUR Summer BBQ Pig

Grilling Season is Upon Us! Stock up your freezer with a summer pig. With your order, you will have control of your cut selections, including types, thickness, and packaging! Flat rate of $650/whole, $325/half does not incldue butcher fees.


Local. Family. Farm.

Healthy Environment.
Irresistible Flavor.

Farming for a  

Farming for 

Farming for an  

Farming for 

Putting Wholesome Nutrition Back on the Table!



We aim to produce extraordinarily flavorful meats for our family and yours. By utilizing natural methods of pasturing, our livestock is raised in a healthy and clean environment which results in a delicious end product perfect for the family dinner table.



Fun Fact:  A single tablespoon of lard from pasture raise pigs contains 1,000 IU of Vitamin D. ​

(McAuliffe, Liam. (2023). Top 6 Whole Foods High in Vitamin D. DoctorKiltz.


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Farming for a Better Tomorrow

We are farming for a better tomorrow by utilizing an intensive pasture rotation system that involves all the critters on our farm. The premise of the system is to quickly graze an area and move on to new land, minimizing the impact on the grass and soil. The grass is grazed lightly, allowing it to regenerate quickly while maintaining its root and blade structure. The critters fertilize as they go, aiding in a healthy microbiome. Since the critters are on a patch of land for a short period, trampling is also minimized. 


Not only is regenerative agriculture good for the environment, but it also is healthy for the critters. With a fast-paced moving system, the critters have minimal exposure to their own droppings, thus reducing adverse health effects and air quality issues. Each type of critter on the farm brings its own set of unique qualities to the system. Click the links below to learn more about how they participate!

Family Farm - Growing Opportunities

Road's End Farm is proudly owned and operated by the Couture Family. Our daily operations are conducted by the husband-wife team. Farm activities and conversation are shared with children, family, friends, and community. We hope to foster a love and respect for animal husbandry and natural food supply methods in the next generation. 

As we conduct our business, we do our best to shop local. This often comes in the form of purchasing feeds from local farms. By supporting our local family run farm, you are supporting the growth, development, and education of the next generation. We are very proud to share all the wonderful aspects of farming with our family, friends, and community.

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