Maple Syrup

Kitchen Packs

Single Cuts

Critter Reserve


Maple & Birch Syrup

Maple Quart - $16

Maple Pint - $9

Whiskey Barrel Aged Maple (12oz) - $15

Birch 40ml Sampler - $5

Birch 200ml Flask - $20


Kitchen Packs Price List

Option 8

Lamb Variety Box


Grass Fed - Frozen Cuts

Box Contents: (Apx. 10 lbs)

(1) Leg Roast

(**)Steaks and Chops

(1) Ground

(1) Hot Sausage

**QTY vary by actual weight and availability

Option 7

Pork Variety Box


Pasture Raised - Frozen Cuts

Box Contents:

Variety Pork Cuts - Apx. 10 lbs

Option 1

Sold Out - NY Sirloin Variety Box


 Grass Fed Beef - Frozen Cuts

 Box Contents (Apx. 17Lbs):

(2) New York sirloin steaks

(6) Packages of ground beef

(2) Sirloin tip steaks

(3) Variety steaks (London broil, sirloin, flank, or skirt)

Option 4

Ground Beef Box


Grass Fed Beef - Frozen Cuts

Box Contents:

Apx. 20 pounds of Ground Beef

Option 6

Critter Variety Box


Pasture Raised - Frozen Cuts

Box Contents:

Variety Pork Cuts - Apx. 2.5 lbs

Variety Beef Cuts - Apx. 2.5 lbs

Beef Chuck Roast - Apx. 2.5 lbs

(3) Ground Beef

(1) Ground Sausage or Links

(1) Bacon

(1) Whole Chicken - Apx. 4.5 lbs [Sold Out - Pending Substitution]

Option 3

Sold Out - Rib Eye Variety Box $145

 Grass Fed Beef - Frozen Cuts

 Box Contents (Apx. 20Lbs):

(2) Rib eye steak

(6) Packages of ground beef

(2) Steak Tips

(3) Packages of short ribs

(1) Brisket or Roast

Option 5

Steak Variety Box $150

 Grass Fed Beef - Frozen Cuts

 Box Contents:

Apx. 15lbs of Various Steaks

Option 2

Sold Out - Tenderloin Variety Box


 Grass Fed Beef - Frozen Cuts

 Box Contents (Apx. 17Lbs):

(2) Tenderloin steak

(8) Packages of ground beef

(2) Packages of stew meat

(1) Chuck roast


Single Cuts Price List

Pasture Raised Chicken

Currently in Stock

 Frozen Whole Chickens - $3.50/lb

Pasture Raised Pork Cuts

Frozen Cuts - Subject to Availability

*Prices are Per Pound Unless Otherwise Stated

Loin Chops $5.75 
Loin Roast $5.50 

Country Style/Spare Ribs $4.75 
Shoulder Steaks $5.00 
Shoulder Roast $4.75  
Smoked Ham Steaks $6.00 
Smoked Ham Roast $5.75 
Fresh Ham Steaks $5.00 
Fresh Ham Roast $4.75 

Back Bacon $9

Fat/Organs $3

Bacon $9 [Sold Out]Canadian Bacon [Sold Out]

Ground $5 [Sold Out]
Sausage (Ground) $6.00/Lb

[Comes in Breakfast, Hot Italian, Maple, and Garlic]  [Sold Out]

Sausage (Links) $6/Pk [Sold Out]

Rack of Ribs $5.00 [Sold Out]

Pasture Raised Turkey

Taking Reservations

 Frozen Whole Turkey - $4.00/lb

Available week of Thanksgiving

Taking Reservations for Thanksgiving Turkeys. $25 deposit Required.

Grass Fed Beef Cuts

Frozen Cuts - Subject to Availability

*Prices are Per Pound Unless Otherwise Stated

T-Bone: $12

Porterhouse: $12

Ribeye (boneless) $13

Chuck Roast $7

Round Roast $7

Minute Steak: $10

Shaved Steak: $10

Sirloin Steak $11

Brisket $7

Flank Steak $10

Skirt Steak $9.50

Short Ribs $7

Steak Tips: $10

Ground $5.50 (reg) $6.50 (lean)

Ground Bulk (20lb) = $90

Burger Patties (4-pk @ 1lb) $6

Organs/Fat $4

Soup Bones: $5

Oxtail: $5 

Stew Meat $8

NY Sirloin $11 

Flat Iron $11  

Chuck Eye Steak $10 

Round/Rump Steak $8

Tenderloin Steak $15 [Sold Out]

Grass Fed Lamb Cuts

Frozen Cuts - Subject to Availability

*Prices are Per Pound Unless Otherwise Stated

Loin Chops: $15

Rib Chops: $16

Whole Leg Roast: $10

Leg Steaks: $10

Shoulder Steak: $10

Hot Sausage: $10

Stew Meat: $10 [Sold Out]

Shank: $8 [Sold Out]

Shoulder Roast: $10 [Sold Out]

Rib Roast: $13 [Sold Out]

Loin Roast: $13 [Sold Out]

Ground: $10 [Sold Out]

Pasture Layed Eggs

Subject to Availability

*May also be found at Berry's Fruit Farm in Livermore Falls*

One Dozen - $3.50

18 Pack - $5.25


Critter Reservations

How it Works:

Upon placing a reservation for a critter, a non-refundable deposit must be made. The deposit is later applied as a discount to the final price. Road's End Farm will schedule a date with Castonguay Meats to process the cirtters and will inform customers of the date a few week prior. Road's End Farm will deliver live animals to Castonguay Meats located at 238 Gibbs Mill Rd, Livermore, Maine. A cut sheet will be provided to the customers to fill out which specifies how the customer would like Castonguay to cut the carcass. Castonguay Meats will weigh carcasses and inform Road's End Farm or hanging weights, which will then be passed on to customers with final order total, less the deposit. Castonguay Meats will contact customers once cuts are ready for pick-up. Separate payments made to Castonguay Meats and to Road's End Farm are due a time of order pick-up. Customer is responsible for paying butcher fees (+/-$1/lb depending on cuts and animal). For a complete list of Castonguay Meats Pricing please click the link below.
Prices are based on Hanging Weights as supplied by Castonguay Meats

Grass Fed Beef Critters

Beef critters are typically steers, but if ordered far enough in advance, we may be able to source a heifer to suit your needs.

*2020 season sold out*

Split Quarter: $3.85/Lb

                         $250 Deposit 

                         125-165 Lb Average

Side or Whole: $3.75/Lb

                           $500 Deposit

                          250-325 Lb Average

Pasture Raised Chicken

Broiler chickens are raised in 'chicken tractors' which are moved twice daily to keep the chickens on fresh grass and supplemented with grain. Chickens are typically processed at Road's End Farm and must be picked up on the day of processing, or other arrangements made.

Whole Chickens: $3.50/lb

                               $5 Deposit

                               4-7Lb Average

Grass Fed Lamb Critters

Lamb critters are 100% Grass Fed at Road's End Farm from birth. Lambs are raised outdoors in a pasture rotation system with their flock after the winter snow melts.

*2020 season sold out*

Whole Lamb: $5.50/Lb

                         $50 Deposit

                         $40-50 Lb Average

Pasture Raised Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkeys will be available the week of Thanksgiving. Turkeys are raised outdoors on pasture and supplemented with grain. Turkeys are typically processed at Road's End Farm and must be picked up on the day of processing, or other arrangements made.

Whole Turkey: $4.00/lb

                           $25 Deposit

                           18-23 Lb Average  

Pasture Raised Pigs

Pork Quality Assurance Certified Pasture Raised Pigs are raised from birth on Road's End Farm. After winter snow melts, pigs are raised in groups outdoors in a pasture rotation system.

Whole Pig: $2.50/Lb

                    $200 Deposit

                    200-250 Lb Average

Half Pig: $2.60/Lb

                $100 Deposit

                100-125 Lb Average


How to Order

To Order, please send a message to Road's End Farm with the items you would like to order. We will promptly respond with your order total and work to arrange a time for you to pick up your order. For order pick up, we can offer flexible scheduling to have customers come to the farm. Also, we are often times able to accommodate meeting customers in local areas or delivering right to their door. Delivery/meeting locations may be offered for free, if we are able to schedule during times we would normally be traveling through the area, otherwise delivery may be charged a fee. Payment is expected at the time of order pick-up and may be made with either cash or check. To contact us, please use one of the below options.