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Birch Sugaring

A Truly Unique Flavor

For Exceptional Dining Pairings

Pure Maine Birch Syrup is a favorite pantry item to use on any occasion. It adds a splendid sweetness with a touch of natural seasoning to any main course or dessert. It is most commonly used as a glaze on meat and fish entrees but may also be enjoyed on ice cream or mixed into sauces, dressings, marinades, or drinks. 

More to Consider:

A little goes a long ways! Recipe dependent, glazing a salmon fillet may only take as little as one tablespoon of syrup. We typically sell the birch syrup in 8oz bottles.


We strongly recommend our patrons to follow these guidelines to their first Birch Syrup experience:

- Start with an open mind. It is NOT like maple syrup, so please, clear your mind of any pre-conceived notions of what it might taste like.

- First try our Early Run syrup because it has a lighter, sweet flavor.


Our syrup is bottled in 2 grades: early run and mid/late run. Early run has a lighter, sweet flavor from the first sap of the season while mid/late run has more tanginess and is less sweet.


The Birch Operation

Located over half way up Canton Mountain, Road's End Farm is home to a 200-tap birch orchard. The birch season starts when the maple season ends, making for a busy and prosperous spring harvest on the farm. The season is short, lasting only 1 to 2 weeks. 


Each tap runs into a network of tubing lines that collect to a larger conductor line running directly to the sugar house. Once collected the sap is simmered through a slow boiling process to produce a delicious syrup. To produce a signal gallon of birch syrup, between 150-200 gallons of sap must be processed. 

The Gallary

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