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2023 Spring Broiler Chicks

Cornish Cross - Straight Run

Road's End Farm is currently taking orders for 2023 spring broiler chicks. The chicks will be un-sexed White Cornish Crosses. They take approximately 8 weeks to grow to market size. Depending on feeding rations, a full-size bird can harvest at 6-10 lbs. Road's End Farm does not breed these chicks. We have raised them in our pasture rotation system, and they have done well for us. 

To purchase broiler chicks, a deposit is required. The deposit is deducted from the total price. The remaining balance is due when chicks are received. Customers are notified of the chick date in advance and are expected to be available to receive chicks that day. Road's End Farm prefers to make deliveries within our surrounding areas, but customers can opt for on-farm pick-up as well. 

2023 Spring Piglets

Birkshire x Duroc

Road's End Farm is currently taking names for our reservation list of spring piglets. Our sows are pure Birkshire and our Boar is primarily Duroc x Birkshire. Our breeding stock resides on our farm year-round and the piglets get their start here. We do not use farrowing cages on our farm. 

Piglets may be given iron shots. All piglets are dewormed and weaned onto a grain ration prior to leaving the farm to their new homes. Once our piglets are born, we will contact names on our list in order they were received for deposits to be place. Deposits are deducted from total price and the remainder is due when piglets are picked up.

For the 2023 spring season, piglets are $150 and a $50 deposit is required to hold. To add your name to our list, please fill out the below form. Thank you!


Piglet Interest List

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