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$325/Roaster Pig 

(butcher fees and roasting services not included)


Find Consistency with a Pork Share!

No more unpredictable pork purchases at the grocery store when you fill your freezer with a Pork Share. With our custom cut shares, you are in charge of the cut selection, thickness, even the packaging sizes. Flavor, nutritional quality, and cooking behaviors become repeatable. What's more, you can feel good knowing that your pork was humanely raised and that you are supporting your local economy. 


Thoughts our customers have shared with us:

"For us, it's really easy to go out to the freezer and plan our meals for the week."


"A whole pig is more than we can eat, so we love to share it to our children and grand children."


A guest at our dinner table: "I thought you said we were having pork for dinner?" "That is a pork steak." "I thought it was BEEF!"


"This is the only pork I've ever not wanted to trim the fat off, it's delicious!"

Pastured Pork Shares

  • No Returns or Refunds Accepted

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