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Grass Fed, Grass Finished Pasture Raised


Select Half or Quarter cow at check out. Select butcher date at check out (2023 will have a summer harvest and a fall harvest).


Non-refundable deposit is applied to final price. For a half (side) the deposit is $500 with  a $16 payment processing fee. For a quarter the deposit is $250 with $8 payment processing fee. You may opt to mail a check or pay with cash at the farm to avoid this fee, however please note that your purchase will not be reserved until payment is received. Final price is calculated at $4.50/lb hanging weight. Butcher determines the hanging weight the day after cows are delivered to the butcher. Final payment is due when critter is picked up from butcher.


Critters are delivered to and butchered by Castonguay Meats, 238 Gibbs Mill Rd, Livermore.


A cut sheet will be provided to fill out before they are brought to the butcher. This is how you tell the butcher what you would like for cuts. Customer is responsible for paying butcher fees.   (+/-$1/lb depending on cuts)

Beef Critter

  • Hanging weights vary from approximately 400- 650lbs, therefore 200-325 for a side and 100-165lbs fora  quarter.

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